• Morgan Wright
    Noted Commentator & Author
  • Gordon Chang
    Noted Commentator & Author
  • Howard Segermark
    American Business Defense Council
    Vice Preisdent
  • Sam Rehman
    Arxan Technologies
  • Jennifer Leggio
    Digital Shadows
    SVP, Marketing
  • Jon Condra
  • Maria Helen Maras
    John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Lance Forbes
    Chief Scientist, Co-Founder
  • Corey Wells
    Security Researcher
  • Scott Wolpow
    Public CTO
  • Brian Contos
    Chief Security Strategist
  • Gordon Johnson
    State of New Jersey
  • Danny Rogers
    Terbium Labs
    CEO and Founder
  • Paul Syverson
    U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
    Creator of Tor
  • Bob Logan
    University of Toronto

The Dark Web Offers Security & Accessibility

Understand the technology, nature, extent and potential of its growing use.

Individuals, organizations, corporations, and governments use the Dark Web to protect themselves and their users, employees, customers, and citizens seeking a more accessible and secure Internet experience.

Experts from government, the financial community, law enforcement and cyber security will give you the background history, current utilization and future thoughts about the fast growing misunderstood world of the Dark Web.

Topics Covered:
The TOR browser
Onion routing
Technical facts
Illegal usage vs legitimate uses
Future business applications
Cyber Security
Investment Opportunity
"It's the Wild West of the Internet"

- Rolling Stone Magazine

Why Inside Dark Web was Launched

Alan Meckler is one of the brightest visionaries in the tech world having launched the first show covering the Internet in the 1990s - Internet World, part of Mecklermedia. He was underestimated and denigrated by virtually all the traditional tech publishers and trade show producers at the time, yet his event grew faster than any show... Read More