November 1-2, 2016 | The Army and Navy Club | Washington, DC


Inside the Dark Web: An A-to-Z Guide to Business & Government Concerns & Opportunities

The Darknet was developed to allow secure communications between government agencies as well as dissidents & whistle blowers fighting oppressive regimes but now it's being used to help attack companies as it allows the secure exchange of pilfered information such as social security and credit card numbers. It also acts as a conduit allowing terrorists to plan and hackers to freelance for the highest bidder. In today's security conscious atmosphere, every business and government entity must understand the threats and challenges this underground network poses. And yet there are many positive attributes of the Dark Web

New York City, the world's financial center, is the site of the first major Dark Web conference May 12, 2016 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage Special Events Hall in lower Manhattan. Experts from government, the financial community, law enforcement and the cyber security arena will give you the background history, current utilization and future thoughts about the fast growing yet misunderstood world of the Darknet.

The event is hosted by two iconic names in the tech conference industry - TMC and Alan Meckler. Alan Meckler and Rich Tehrani have joined forces to create a unique one-day experience where companies, law enforcement agencies, Wall St and financial firms, and developers/engineers can explore the far-reaching security concerns & opportunities spawned by the Dark Web.

Come Learn about:

Dark web techniques to find your stolen data
How to best protect yourself against threats
Inside the Tor browser & Onion routing
Technical facts
Illegal usage v. legitimate uses
Future business applications

With attacks on Ashley Madison, Target and other American businesses, no enterprise is safe. All customer transactions are at risk as the threats from hackers have escalated to state-sponsored hacking, seeking more than a competitive edge in international business. With little concern for getting caught, Some in Darknet community will continue to be a grave source of danger for companies and nations.

Dark Web ... Managing the impact on business, finance and networks.
Defending from the Attack of the Dark Web.
How the public and private sectors must work together to better understand the Dark Web.
Inside the Dark Web presents State of Art methods such as Big Data threat examination and analysis.
Inside the Dark Web will present the best methods for collecting information and detecting threats, but also provide positve aspects of the Dark Web
Social media coupled with the Dark Web has grown beyond the reach of most control systems. This conference will discuss how to build next generation solutions to keep up with an ever-evolving problem.